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Hello, I am  Jemima Bliss the face behind J Bliss Design - yes that's actually my name!


Always following my passion for design, I worked in design-based roles throughout my twenties as I moved between New Zealand, Australia & and Canada until I was able to follow my dream of running my own business full-time out of our Vancouver apartment in mid-2022.

After a move to the Canadian Rockies (Kimberley, BC), in 2023, I now work out of my home-based studio offering varying design services including graphic design and crafting custom items.

All pieces are custom-designed and made in-house making our items truly special.

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September 2023

May - August 2023

December 2022 - May 2023

August - December 2022

March 2022

December 2021

February 2021

November-December 2020

July 2020

We made the move to our new home in The Columbia Valley. Moving out of the city has allowed us to find a bigger home with a space for my studio, quite the improvement from the corner of our living room in our Vancouver apartment!

Back to work in Vancouver for 4 months, still thinking about Invermere, we started to wrap up our Vancouver life and plan for the big move.

My partner Mathew and I took 4 months out to go on a North American skiing road trip in our self-converted campervan. Stopped off at Invermere, BC and fell in love with the place.

J Bliss Design was getting enough orders and requests that I was able to make it my full-time job and have been loving life ever since.

Mathew put across the idea of purchasing a laser engraver. He is a finishing carpenter and therefore has a big interest in woodworking crafts helping me navigate the first few wooden concepts.

Christmas cards round 2 - things started to get busy again and I remembered how much I loved the nature of the work.

Took the Design and Marketing Manager role at Azure Properties Group, a local property developer. Working on J Bliss Design orders outside my 9-5.

Christmas cards round 1 - Created a map-based Christmas card during COVID when no one was able to travel home, thinking it would be cool if I even sold a couple. Suddenly my messages blew up and I sold thousands of them to customers all over the world! Donating $1k of the profits to Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust.

After COVID hit, I lost my Brand Pop-Up's Design role at Lush Cosmetics' North America head office. I had a couple of self-made map prints in our living room, so decided I would attempt to start selling these.


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