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Airlie Carpentry

Airlie Carpentry, a new company specializing in finishing carpentry, approached us with a vision to establish their brand identity. With their specific colour preferences and some example logo ideas, we embarked on a collaborative journey to shape their brand from the ground up.

Once the logo was refined and approved by the Airlie Carpentry's owner, we extended the brand identity across various platforms including business cards and letterheads.

Additionally, we incorporated the brand identity into their clothing, adding subtle yet impactful branding elements that align with their overall aesthetic.

Throughout the project, collaboration was fundamental. By working closely with Airlie Carpentry, we ensured that every aspect of the brand design reflected their unique identity and aspirations. The final outcome is a brand that not only distinguishes itself in the market but also embodies the craftsmanship and passion that define Airlie Carpentry.


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